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Pelvic floor strengthener MEDIballs Secret

Pelvi's MEDIballs Secret 2 Step Training Process

Pelvi's MEDIballs Secret pelvic floor strengthener is available in two sizes, a single and a double. We offer two sizes because many women find that they prefer to begin with a Single ball, then build their strength up to later train with the Double ball.

What Size Is Right for Me? 

The best way to know which MEDIballs Secret to purchase is to reflect on your personal pelvic health and pelvic floor strength. If you feel that you may have especially weak pelvic floor muscles, possibly triggered by childbirth, intense activity, or age, it could be a good move to start with the Single and work up to the Double.

Before Use

As a form of maintenance, be sure to wash your MEDIballs Secret in warm soapy water and rinse thoroughly before and after use.

Whilst some women are comfortable to insert their MEDIballs Secret directly, others may prefer to apply lubricant to the tip and partial surface of the MEDIball. Pelvi recommends using our BIOglide lubricant, a 100% natural product, specially formulated to protect women’s health from harmful chemicals. 


  • Gently insert the MEDIballs Secret into the vagina (like a tampon).
  • As a reminder, the application of BIOglide can support and ease insertion.
  • The MEDIballs should be positioned deeply and almost vertically, with the retrievable loop facing downwards.

How to use MEDIballs Secret Pelvic floor strengthener

How long and often do you wear MEDIballs Secret?

Every woman and her body, is different, so while there are standard recommendations for MEDIballs use, there is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ to your MEDIballs Secret use. Each woman is unique and as such should feel free to create her own preferred use of MEDIballs Secret.


MEDIballs pelvic floor strengthener can be worn from as briefly as five minutes, three times a week to an hour a day, several days a week. For convenience and ease, MEDIballs Secret can be worn while asleep, several nights a week.

As a woman’s individual pelvic strength will impact MEDIballs (Single or Double) selection, so too should it impact the length of time a MEDIballs Secret is used. As pelvic strength increases, so will the potential for lengthy weight training.

Once you grow to hold the MEDIballs Secret pelvic floor strengthener for longer than 10 minutes without issue, you may increase the duration. Those who initially train with the Single MEDIballs Secret may find this a prime opportunity to increase weight with the Double ball.

For optimal results, we encourage women to combine MEDIballs Secret training with pelvic floor exercises. To support this, a helpful pelvic floor training booklet is included with your MEDIballs Secret purchase.

After Use

As with all muscle training, pelvic floor exercises can leave your muscles aching. As such, listen to your body during your initial use of MEDIballs Secret and gradually increase weight, duration and pelvic floor exercises while training.

You may wish to start with MEDIballs Secret Single and then work up to the MEDIballs Secret Double to achieve your goal of strong, healthy pelvic floor muscles.

When not to use MEDIballs Secret

In the interest of your health, MEDIballs Secret should not be used in the following circumstances (unless advised otherwise by a healthcare professional):

  • Whilst urinating
  • During menstruation
  • If you have vaginal inflammation
  • If your physician recommends against MEDIballs Secret usage
  • If you’re suffering from cystitis or a vaginal infection, including thrush
  • Whilst undergoing any medical examination, including X-Rays, MRIs or other medical machinery
  • During vaginal wound healing (e.g. after episiotomy)
  • During pregnancy or while trying to conceive a child
  • If you are fitted with an IUD contraception device, we recommend you consult your healthcare professional first
  • Immediately after the birth of a baby, and for the following six weeks after birth. To be certain, we recommend that all women receive medical clearance after birth before resuming the use of MEDIballs Secret.

If you are not affected by the above and would like to purchase one of our products, please visit our Online Store.

Alternatively, if you are unsure if MEDIballs Secret is appropriate for you, please consult your preferred healthcare professional.


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