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Pelvi Promise

I can't recommend Pelvi and their incredible period underwear highly enough! Aside from the outstanding quality, the customer service was exceptional and answered all my questions as I tried to figure out what worked best for myself & my daughter's.

Michelle - Extremely happy!

The pelvi cups are fantastic!! Surprisingly comfortable, and it stays in place without any issues. Using the cup has been helpful in making that time on month less painful. 

Jessica Lee M - The cups are fantastic

I've replaced all my other branded period panties with Pelvi - these ones last the longest, even the lace trim. They're flattering and comfortable and the three different styles work well for the varying stages of my cycle. And they send me candy when I order 😆


I have tried so many different brands of period pants and I am now replacing everything with Pelvi. Their materials and design are by far the most comfortable and long lasting - I had one pair of Pelvi pants previously and would always wash them as much as I could so I could wear them the most, because I found other brands to be itchy and poor fitting. The full design of the Pelvi brand is the best. Very thankful I came across them, highly recommend.

Thank you Barb for packing my order so nicely, I loved the complimentary pen and chocolates.

Victoria South
Pelvi MEDIballs Kegels

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