MEDIballs Kegel Set

MEDIballs Kegel Set

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MEDIballs Kegel’s clinically proven design treats the cause of bladder weakness, rather than just the symptoms. Suitable for women of any age, it strengthens and re-educates weak pelvic floor muscles that control bladder function. Each kegel set includes a free Storage Case & BioGlide Organic Lubricant, valued at $30.

Pelvi Menstrual Cup Size Guide

Small  For women under 30 years old, who have not given birth or for women who have a low cervix  The Small holds 25ml, is 42mm in diameter and 60mm long.
Medium  For women under 30 years old who've not given birth vaginally or experience a moderate to heavier flow. The Medium holds 30ml is 42mm in diameter and 70mm long.
Large  For experienced menstrual cup users who have given birth vaginally and have heavier flows. The Large holds 40ml is 46 in diameter and 70mm long.

Free BIOglide Lubricant

Included in the MEDIballs kit is our popular Organic BIOglide Lubricant, certified organic and 100% vegan. BIOglide has been specially designed to increase vaginal moisture. We recommend the use of BIOglide with the application of MEDIballs Secret for assisted vaginal moisture. (40ml Tube)

Free MEDIballs Storage Case

The specially designed Pelvi Case is used store your MEDIballs Secret Single and Double. Easy to open zip and quick dry fabric makes the Pelvi Case perfect storage solution of your MEDIballs Secret.

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