MEDIballs Secret

See Results in 7 Days With MEDIballs Secret Pelvic Floor Weights 

Uniquely crafted, MEDIballs Secret is a Class 1 Medical Device that supports pelvic floor strength and overall pelvic health with an award winning internal design.

Thousands of women have found MEDIballs Secret to be and effective urinary incontinence treatment and stress-free pelvic floor strengthener. MEDIballs is suitable for a women of any age and ability, the mere presence of the device’s weight starts resistance training, no exercises required. MEDIballs Secret treats and supports:

  • Prevention and treatment of urinary incontinence
  • Prevention and treatment of minor prolapse
  • Strengthen vaginal muscles pre and post pregnancy 
  • Strengthen vaginal muscles for sexual health

How do MEDIballs work?

MEDIballs use the fastest method known to build muscle strength; weight resistance training. This method is referred to as “biofeedback training” a similar concept to strength training in a gym. Within each MEDIball lies an internally located weighted ball, which is triggered into random movements by the natural movement of the body, gently weight training the pelvic muscles.

MEDIballs secret encourages blood flow to the area, rejuvenating and initiating new nerve development. As the muscle recovers from resistance exercise, testosterone, protein and growth hormones rush to the muscle to support recovery and repair.  The weight of the MEDIballs may initially feel as though the device is trying to slip out. This is simply the message the muscles send as they work to hold MEDIballs inside. You may wish to start with the MEDIballs Secret Single and then work up to the MEDIballs Secret Double to achieve your personal pelvic health goals.

Safe, Durable & German Made

The exterior of MEDIballs is an easy-to-clean, smooth, BPA plastic and latex free material. Made from a 100% Silikomed, which is a specially developed thermoplastic elastomer (TPE). MEDIball Secret are a Class 1 Medical Device. 

  • Listed with the TGA (Therapeutic Good Administration of Australia)
  • Class 1 Medical Device 
  • Available in Single and Double design 
  • Mucous membrane friendly and hypoallergenic
  • Made of 100% Silikomed
  • Discreet (worn completely internal)
  • Effective pelvic floor trainer 
  • Universal Design Award 2013
  • Red Dot Design Award 2013

2 Step Training Process

Pelvi's MEDIballs Secret pelvic floor strengthener is available in two sizes, a Single and a Double. We offer two sizes because many women find that they prefer to begin with a Single ball, then build their pelvic strength up to later train with the Double ball.

Single ball (weighs 45 grams)
Double ball (weighs 90 grams)

Designed For Comfort

The multi-award winning ergonomic shape of MEDIballs Secret fits gently into the vaginal passage. Added to this, the streamlined form allows for easy insertion and removal. MEDIballs Secret's special feature is the patented retrievable loop, which sits just up inside the body. The internal placement of the loop allows for the discreet use of MEDIballs Secret during a range of activities and can enhance pelvic floor exercises.

Clinical Results

As part of a clinical study conducted by Dermatest GmbH, 85% of women surveyed regarding their satisfaction with MEDIballs Secret rated the product as good to excellent. *Results may vary for individual cases.

A recent 2014 study by Porta-Roda has produced interesting results when comparing the effectiveness of pelvic muscle exercises (PMEsI to pelvic floor training devices i.e. vaginal weights The research goal was to ascertain whether or not training with vaginal wieghts could produce a lesser, similar or greater muscular strength and response than PMEs could alone.  The results identified that PMEs and vaginal weights produced similar results but at different speeds. 

Patients who trained with vaginal weights developed a degree of pelvic strength within four weeks that PME patients could only achieve in six months. So while PMEs eventually create results, they do so over an extended period of time and often for a low percentage of women. Vaginal weights produce speedy and consistent results as their insertion engages the pelvic platform.

MEDIballs Secret is a secondary conservative treatment option for women suffering with urinary incontinence. Training with either the Single or the Double MEDIballs supports pelvic floor training and consistent treatment.  

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Moen, M, Noone, M, Vassallo, B, Elser, D, Pelvic Floor Muscle Function in Women Presenting with Pelvic Floor Disorders, International Urogynocology Journal, 2009, 20:843-846, PME is referenced here as shorthand for Pelvic Muscle Exercises  

 Porta-Roda, P, Vara-Paniagua, J, Díaz-Lopez, M, Sobrado-Lozano, P, Símo-González, M, Díaz-Bellido, P, Reula-Blaco, M, Münoz-Garrido, F, Effect of Vaginal Spheres and Pelvic Floor Muscle Training in Women With Urinary Incontinence, American Urological Association, Wiley Online Library, 2014:1-6