Pelvi's Picks - Diet Tips for Bladder Control

Ever had a big old belly laugh and you are worried that your bladder might just not be string enough to support that laugh?

Bladder incontinence affects almost 1 in 4 women but is still considered a 'taboo' topic. We have spoken about the importance of strengthening your pelvic wall to improve intimacy, but also to avoid those embarrassing bladder dribbles. In conjunction with your Pelvi MEDIBalls, we also have some few diet tips that can help reduce your bladder incontinence. 

Now each person is different and processes food and drink differently from one another. It is always recommended that if you are struggling with bladder control to consult with a medical practitioner as your first port of contact.

There are a variety of foods that can be great for you and your bladder health.

A range of fruit and veggies, like bananas, apples, grapes, watermelon, broccoli, kale, carrots lettuce; as well as fibre rich foods such as lentils beans and oats. Protein is also essential such as fish, chicken and eggs.

Now for the ‘bad’ stuff (not bad but as my mother says ‘only in moderation’)


  • Cutting back on caffeine – sorry all you coffee lovers out there, but if you are struggling bladder leakage, a cup of coffee can come at a cost. Caffeine is a diuretic, which increases urine production. Eek!
  • Avoid overly acidic foods – tomatoes, citrus fruits, tomato based products (good bye pasta sauce ), these foods can irritate the urinary tract
  • Reduce your alcohol intake – hard I know, but similar to caffeine it is a diuretic, especially and very sadly cocktails (my personal fave). These drinks are full of sugar as well as carbonated liquids, which can aggravate the bladder.


There are many ways to assist in building a strong bladder and pelvic wall; by adding MEDIBall exercises to your daily routine and shaking up components of your diet.

These combined are a great way to build your confidence exercising or even just reduce that bladder dribble!!!

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