Why Is A Strong Pelvic Floor Essential?

We have this awesome diamond-shaped group of muscles within our pelvic floor that act like hammock to support our bladder, uterus and internal organs. Strong pelvic floor muscles are important in maintaining bladder control and sexual health, something that many women struggle with yet often don't talk about. We only seem to take action when the negative effects of a weak pelvic floor kick in and we start “dribbling” at inconvenient times.

Although hidden, the pelvic floor is arguably one of the most important muscle groups, particularly when you have a tiny human using it as a trampoline. A weak pelvic floor is not just a result of pregnancy, but can also occur during injury, ageing and menopause. 1 in 3 of us will experience some type of incontinence. 

There are 3 major functions of the pelvic floor:


This plays a role in maintaining continence. Contraction of the pelvic floor allows a person to voluntarily pass urine.


When emptying the bladder or rectum, the pelvic floor relaxes so that the sphincters of the urethra can open.

Reflexive resistance

When coughing, laughing, or carrying heavy loads, the abdominal area, and hence the pelvic floor is contracted. The pelvic floor contracts even further during these activities to prevent the passing of any urine.

The great news is that your pelvic floor muscles can be consciously controlled and therefore trained, much like our biceps, legs or abdominal muscles. By using kegel training like MEDIballs to contract and create resistance you can build muscles strength and restore your pelvic floor to its’ once firmer self.

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