Let's Talk About Sex

We have spoken about this before. Whether MEDIBalls can improve intimacy. Usually an uncomfortable topic to discuss - sexual health and how it correlates with your overall wellbeing. But hey let's talk about it again. 

There are many reasons a women's pelvic floor muscles can decrease in strength - pregnancy, strenuous exercise, drastic weight-loss/gain, as well as ageing. 

MEDIBalls can be a great tool to use to assist in the strengthening of these muscles used in sexual activity. 

The pelvic floor muscle wraps around the outer layer of the vagina, which connects to the part of the vagina commonly known as the ‘orgasmic platform.’ The balls stimulate the pelvic muscles, which generates new nerves and increases muscle elasticity. Re-engaging with the pelvic floor muscle can improve sex drive, as increased blood flow to the vagina enhances sensitivity and arousal.

MEDIball Exercises for Better Sex

  • MEDIballs and bridge

- Lie on your back with your knees bent and feet shoulder width apart.

- Lift your hips up off the floor approximately 5-10cms, then set them down. 

- Relax your muscles, and repeat.

  • MEDIball and leg raise

- Lie on your back like the first exercise

- Lift one leg up to a right angle. Hold for 5 seconds and bring back down. 

- Repeat with other leg.

  • MEDIball and heel rise

- Stand with MEDIball inserted. 

- Slowly rise onto the balls of your feet. 

- Return to flat feet and repeat. 

  • MEDIball and mini squad

- Squat with MEDIball Kegel inserted to about 45* or as far as you can go. 

- Slowly return to a standing position and repeat 5 times. 



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