Pelvi Fit Pelvic Trainer
Pelvi Fit Pelvic Trainer
Pelvi Fit Pelvic Trainer
Pelvi Fit Pelvic Trainer

Pelvi Fit Pelvic Trainer

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Meet the Pelvi Fit Kegel Trainer, a new & fun way to strengthen your pelvic floor. This innovate physiotherapy device uses sensor technology and a clever mobile APP to visualise your pelvic floor movements in real-time using biofeedback. 

  • Targeted workouts that only take 5 minutes
  • Soft medical grade silicone & an ergonomic shape for comfort
  • Track your progress in APP & stay motivated
  • Insures you perform Kegel exercises correctly
  • Better bladder control and stronger pelvic floor in weeks

Pelvi Menstrual Cup Size Guide

Small  For women under 30 years old, who have not given birth or for women who have a low cervix  The Small holds 25ml, is 42mm in diameter and 60mm long.
Medium  For women over 30 years old who've not given birth vaginally or experience a moderate to heavier flow. The Medium holds 30ml is 42mm in diameter and 70mm long.
Large  For  women over 30 years old who have given birth vaginally and have heavier flows. The Large holds 40ml is 46 in diameter and 70mm long.
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What is included in the Pelvi Fit Kegel Trainer? 

1 x Pelvi Fit Kegel Trainer
1 x USB Charger 
1 x User Guide
1 x Cover & Storage Bag 
Free Magic Kegel App - Download Via App Store
Detailed User Guide

Does Pelvi Fit Kegel need to be used with a smartphone app?

The device can be used in the following two modes: Force-feedback training mode and interactive training mode via APP. 

When using in the force-feedback mode, the user does not need to use a mobile phone. Utilising the built-in multi-point and multi-zone pressure sensor of kegel when the product is placed in the pelvic floor muscle area and the user exercises properly, the user can feel a slight force feedback vibration.

Is my phone or tablet compatible with the Pelvi Fit Kegel Trainer? 

As long as your phone is an Android with 4.3 or newer, or iPhone 5s and newer, with support for bluetooth then kegel device will be compatible with your device.

Can it be used during pregnancy? 

Please consult with your healthcare professional prior to use. 

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