Our Story

Pelvi (formerly Pelvic Floor Assist) first came into creation when its founders decided that they wanted to create a business that would produce something positive in the world around them. What they were yet to realise was that there was a silent epidemic that challenged women across Australia: decreased pelvic health.

However, the founders soon discovered just how many women were suffering with urinary incontinence and decreased sexual function. Meeting and socialising with friends, they gradually realised that not only were women suffering with symptoms in silence and alone, but that women were doing so needlessly!

The development of the MEDIballs Secret pelvic health device was also inspired by German clinical research. Medical research concluded that weighted vaginal balls could offer pelvic muscle development and strength. Working with this research, the Pelvi team set out to develop, produce and distribute a medically listed treatment product for Australian women.

After months of development and successful trials, Pelvi launched the Single and Double MEDIballs Secret. The device is listed with the Therapeutic Goods Administration of Australia, as a ‘Class 1’ Medical Device. Added to this, Pelvi became driven towards not only offering a treatment, but also a platform for conversation about pelvic health.

A core value that the Pelvi team established was that they would be conscientious about the chemicals and materials that were used across their entire product range. As such, Pelvi is always aware that our products are in direct contact with a woman’s body. To enforce this value, MEDIballs Secret is BPA plastic and latex free, and our recommended lubricant BIOglide is made from 100% natural and organic ingredients.

Acknowledged for its innovative design, MEDIballs Secret has been awarded the 2013 Reddot Design Award and the 2013 Universal Design Award.

Our Values, Mission Statement & Passion

It is the vision of Pelvi to be world leaders in the treatment of incontinence and decreased sexual function. We are committed to empowering women with knowledge and an open dialogue about the treatment and maintenance of a strong and healthy pelvic floor.

Our mission is to provide Australian women with a reputable medical device that they can depend upon to prevent and treat urinary incontinence and decreased sexual function. We aim to broaden the awareness of MEDIballs Secret by sharing with health professionals a medical device designed to easily and productively strengthen the pelvic floor and reduce symptoms of incontinence and sexual function.

It is our passion to assist the millions of women in Australia who will experience a varying degree of incontinence during their lifetime. We believe that every woman has the right to pelvic health and optimal sexual function for the duration of their lives. As such, we are committed to reducing the stigma that surrounds pelvic floor concerns and invite women to join an informed and shared conversation about prevention and treatment.

Accessible to women world wide, MEDIballs Secret is exclusively available online via our Online Store.

Where are we going?

Pelvi’s goal moving forward is to contribute to a dramatic reduction in the statistics of urinary incontinence in women throughout Australia and beyond. Building upon this, we aim to reduce the number of women who experience decreased sexual function.

With an array of specially designed MEDIballs Secret options, BIOglide lubricant and more, we hope that Pelvi will continue to evolve into a trusted household name.

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