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PELVI Menstrual Cups are a game changer in period care; they are an easy, safe, and ecological alternative to other sanitary items. A comfortable design made from the highest-grade medical silicone for less disruption to the natural vaginal pH. Worn internally, like a tampon but collects rather than absorbs fluid. Collecting 3-4 times more fluid than tampons, you can go longer between changes.


How do Menstrual Cups work?

PELVI Menstrual Cup is a bell-shaped reusable cup that is placed inside the vaginal cavity and, when fitted securely they will not leak. PELVI Cup’s flexible shape moves with you and it’s 4 suction holes allows for a secure fit offering complete protection from leaks. Its short grip stem facilitates removal without compromising comfort and it’s seamless design is smooth and easy to clean. 

Why are Period Cups a better alternative?

  • Less irritation, no plastic, latex, BPA or chemicals, suitable for women with sensitive skin. 
  • Made from the highest-grade medical silicone for less distribution to the natural vaginal pH.
  • When used correctly there is limited association of toxic shock syndrome (TSS) with the use of Menstrual Cups. 
  • Australian owned, TGA listed and made in USA. 
  • Does not dry the vaginal wall, making you less susceptible to infections.


  • They can be worn for up to 8 consecutive hours before emptying and cleaning.
  • With no strings, wings, or leaks it’s great for women with an active lifestyle.

How to select the right size Menstrual Cup?


Pelvi Menstrual Cups come in 3 sizes, Small, Medium and Large. The size is mostly related to childbirth history but many other factors such as personal anatomy, pelvic floor strength and age may influence the correct cup size selection. The size chart below is only a guide. Many people who have had children will still be able to successfully use a SMALL and MEDIUM, and vice versa. 

SMALL: ideal for first time adult users, teenagers and women with a low cervix.
Length: 60mm * Rim Dial: 42 mm * Capacity: 25ml

MEDIUM: designed for women who have a moderate menstrual flow, are 33 years and under, or given birth. 
Length: 70mm * Rim Dial: 42 mm * Capacity: 30ml

LARGE: designed for women who experience a heavy flow, have given birth, or who are 34 years and over.
Length: 70mm * Rim Dial: 46mm * Capacity: 40ml

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    Reviews for our menstrual cups agree, it’s the convenient alternative.

    From Melbourne to the Gold Coast, people across Australia are discovering just how good life is when they ditch the tampons and the pads and make the switch to the environmentally-friendly alternative. Visit one of our stockists to buy your own Pelvi menstrual cup and join the revolution.

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