Leakproof G-String Underwear
Leakproof G-String Underwear
Leakproof G-String Underwear

Leakproof G-String Underwear

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Our G-String underwear is perfect for light leaks, discharge or lighter menstrual days. Made from soft cotton with a built in TPU water resistant liner.

+ Absorbs 5ml of fluid (1 Tampon)
+ Wear for up to 12 hours
+ Fabric: Cotton/Elastane + TPU liner
+ Australian owned
+ Beige outer and black liner layer.

Pelvi Menstrual Cup Size Guide

Small  For women under 30 years old, who have not given birth or for women who have a low cervix  The Small holds 25ml, is 42mm in diameter and 60mm long.
Medium  For women over 30 years old who've not given birth vaginally or experience a moderate to heavier flow. The Medium holds 30ml is 42mm in diameter and 70mm long.
Large  For  women over 30 years old who have given birth vaginally and have heavier flows. The Large holds 40ml is 46 in diameter and 70mm long.
Quantity must be 1 or more

Can I wear these without any additional protection? 

Pelvi G-string undies are designed for light leaks or lighter menstrual days. They can be worn on their own or in conjunction with a menstrual cup or tampon for added protection. 

How do I care for my leakproof underwear? 

Pelvi underwear is machine washable. Wash on a gentle cold cycle, and hang to dry. You can also use a laundry bag to protect your underwear from damage.  

What does it feel like wearing them?

They feel just like your regular underwear, and slimmer than bulky disposable pads. Using reusable leakproof underwear is healthier for your body.

Can I use them for light bladder leaks?

They are perfect for light bladder leaks. Designed to be super absorbent and breathable. The moisture-wicking layer also draws moisture away and fights bacteria to keep you fresh.

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