Period Pain Relief Device
Period Pain Relief Device
Period Pain Relief Device
Period Pain Relief Device

Period Pain Relief Device

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The Pelvi Pulse is your new best friend to stop period pain in its tracks! This light-weight device provides you with drug-free relief from cramps and the feeling of period discomfort. The Pelvi Pulse is easy to operate and is USB rechargeable. 

  • Uses the latest in pulse therapy to interrupt the pain signals.
  • Discreet under clothing. 
  • USB rechargeable tens machine device, with 6 changeable modes.
  • Use on lower stomach or lower back.


Pelvi Menstrual Cup Size Guide

Small  For women under 30 years old, who have not given birth or for women who have a low cervix  The Small holds 25ml, is 42mm in diameter and 60mm long.
Medium  For women over 30 years old who've not given birth vaginally or experience a moderate to heavier flow. The Medium holds 30ml is 42mm in diameter and 70mm long.
Large  For  women over 30 years old who have given birth vaginally and have heavier flows. The Large holds 40ml is 46 in diameter and 70mm long.
Quantity must be 1 or more

What is a tens machine?
A transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulator (TENS) machine is a device that sends electrical pulses through the skin to start your body's own means of relieving pain in your body. The micro electrical pulses release endorphins to stop pain signals reaching your brain. 

Can I use the Pelvi Pulse if I have Endometriosis?
Whilst this device is not a cure for someone suffering from conditions like endometriosis, it can provide some short-term relief from the pain caused by conditions such as; endometriosis, polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) or pelvic inflammatory disease. This device is for the relief of common period discomfort, but it may also help with secondary menstrual pain that is present in the body due to more chronic conditions. 

Is there a limit to how much I can use the Pelvi Pulse?
No! This device is safe for continual use. It is able to be utilised as much as you like, and you might also choose to use the device on other areas of the body that experience acute muscle discomfort, such as your lower back. 

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