Women and Power

Here at Pelvi we love all things women; women products, educating women and being women…

One of our personal faves is women empowerment and seeing a woman strive to break the glass ceiling. Women who inspire others to achieve what no one has achieved before. For many years women have been fighting to receive the same opportunities as men. 

The United States has welcomed its first female Vice-President, Kamala Harris. This is a big step in the right direction for equality in typically male dominated fields of work - like politics. 

However, being the first female Vice-President isn't Harris' first achievement.

Harris boasts a whole host of firsts:

  • She is the first Indian American in the US Senate
  • The first Indian American candidate of a major party to run for Vice-President.

And who knows maybe in the not too distant future she can become the first black, female, President. 

Whilst these accolades are nothing short of impressive, there is an apparent overarching theme that women have been trying to avoid across the years.

By introducing phrases such as ‘first black female’ it creates a hypothetical box in which Harris, and a plethora of other women in power, have tried to avoid their whole careers.

These women, especially ones in high power, often have the pressure of fitting into certain stereotypes constructed by societal expectations. These stereotypes places these women into 'minority boxes' taking an enormous amount courage and perseverance to be seen as anything but said stereotype. 

Many predecessors of Harris have been able to pave the way for this momentous event through years of hard work - breaking away from these 'boxes' women have been placed in. Working to achieve equality and fairness. 

Women such as Harris inspire and evoke girls all across the world to take risks, to break beyond expectation, to surpass society’s limitations for women, to take a chance to achieve their goals and dreams. 

These are the women who will shape our future generations.


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