Why Is My Menstrual Cup Leaking?

Menstrual cup leaking can be common when using a period cup for the first time. The following tips will help if you are experiencing leaking:

1. Size Matters

One of the main reasons for women experiencing menstrual cup leaking is due to an incorrectly sized cup. Ensure you have the correct size menstrual cup.

2. The Snap & Pop

To stop your Menstrual Cup from moving or leaking you need to insure that the Menstrual Cup is popped completely open once inside your body. While the cup is inserted you can run your fingers around the Menstrual Cup till it feels as if it’s completely open.

3. The Wiggle

If your Menstrual Cup is no staying in the right position or it’s flattened you can wiggle the cup into the correct position. Simply grip the base of the cup or the steam and gently wiggle your menstrual cup back and forth until you find the right spot in your body.

4. The Twister

Twisting / rotating your cup can be very helpful to get it in the correct position. Hold the base of your Menstrual Cup gently and rotate it slowly within your body. Some women are able to fully turn while others can only give the cup a slight twist.

5. Blocked holes on the cup rim

When cleaning your menstrual cup, ensure that the little holes in the rim of the cup are clean and free of any residue. If these holes are blocked, it can prevent the effectiveness of the cup seal, resulting in leaking.

6. Too Full

If you are experiencing leaking, remove the cup to check it is not full.
By emptying your cup every 8 hours it should prevent leaking, you may need to empty it more often when you have a heavier flow, particularly the first day or two of your cycle.

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