Whats worse than having your Period? Travelling with your Period

Tis the season to be jolly, and I can imagine this year will be slightly more unusual than most years. Travelling is halted, social distancing is a must and many families are separated from border closures and the like.

It feels as approaching the end of the year we can almost have a sigh of relief; 2020 is almost over.

In saying this, Christmas is a time of the year where people travel the globe to meet up with family and friends to reflect on the year that was. Down under it is time to hit our long awaited summer break. For many of us here in Australia, that means heading to the beach or the coast for a holiday.

Now if this is a time you’ve had planned for a while, the last thing you want to be disturbing your relaxing time off is your period.

The thought of being in a bikini with a potential unanticipated period can often loom in the back of my mind.

Sometimes my period comes unexpectedly; sometimes it can be heavier than normal; periods don’t often align with my carefully curated travel plans. We’ve all been in a situation with a little mishap happens on holiday.

Who wants to wear a pad with their bikinis? Or have to change their tampon as soon as they’re out of the water? Definitely not my top priority of what to think about!

There’s nothing quite like having to rush to a local convenience store and there only being maxi overnighter pads.

The convenience of being able to bring a menstrual cup keeps things stress free.

What we love most about bringing our Pelvi Cups on holiday:

  • They’re discreet – the whole airport doesn’t need to know you’ve packed 3 packs of tampons
  • One can last you you’re whole trip! You can wear one for up to 8 hours, all you have to do is rinse it and it’s as good as new
  • They are comfortable to wear all day and you can still flaunt off your new bikini bottoms without a pesky loose tampon string or pad stickers.

And better still you can prepare for the unexpected by keeping it in your handbag.

Shop Pelvi Menstrual Cup here.

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