What's with the Shape Shifting?

We have many, sometimes small, signs throughout the month that are indicators that Aunt Flow is about to make her monthly appearance. 

Whether its PMS, moodiness, cravings, cramps - these symptoms can be an indicator of what part of your monthly cycle you may be in.

Our breasts are often included in this change.

One day they might be large and in charge and the next oh so deflated.

This can be attributed to the changing of our hormones throughout the month. Not only do we have to deal with whats going on downstairs but also what is happening to our upstairs region too. Most women can find that throughout their monthly cycle there will be changes in breast size and feel - including tender and sore breasts. 




This change typically occurs right after ovulation when PMS kicks into high gear. This is when a women's levels of estrogen and progesterone are elevated which in turn, can cause noticeable changes in the breast tissue. 

But don't be too alarmed, this change in breast tissue throughout our cycle usually subsides at the end of your bleeding week, and you should see your boobs go back to what they once were (YAY or could be :( for some of us less endowed).

This type of change is just a part of the beauty that is the female body.

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