What Colour is Your Flow?

Like we always say here at Pelvi, everyone’s periods are different. That’s what makes our cycles unique. And it truly comes down to you knowing your body better than anyone else.

But some things can change every month in terms of blood colour and its always a good idea to have an understanding on what this means for you.  As always, if there is anything that is very out of the ordinary for you, it is best to consult with a medical practitioner.

But here is a brief overview of different colours of menstrual blood you might experience.


Bright Red – means a very healthy period, nice! Typically seen at the beginning of your cycle with a moderate to heavy flow in your first couple of days. After this time it usually tapers off.

Lighter Pink – light bleeding. This may indicate extreme exercising, low estragon levels, or even a nutrient deficiency.

Dark Red – in colour and heavy bleeding can show high estragon levels, PMS, ovarian cysts, PCOS or endometriosis

Brown – on the first day of your cycle can be a result of low progesterone, or leftover blood from your previous cycle.

Orange – may indicate sign of infection or blood mixed with cervical fluid.

The colour differentiation between bright red to a darker red can also just indicate what time in your cycle you are at. It is common for your flow to start at a bright red colour then over the days appear darker. 

If anything seems unusual or unexpected with the colour of your menstrual flow please speak to a doctor. These above are only a guide.

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