Sleep Tight with Period Undies

How may times will you wake up throughout the night during that time of the month and frantically checked your sheets for any leakage and spillage. Mine is often.

The fear of waking up with blood all over the sheets, is one I have had since I first got my period. Pads are likely to move around in my undies, and tampons all night - eek TSS!! 

But changing to period undies has been a game changer. In fact, changing to any reusable product has been a game changer. 

Making the change to period undies for an overnight flow has taken this fear away. The undies are designed to give you protection all night long and they don't move around like pads - they fit perfectly and have an absorbency layer all the way up the front to catch any leaks. On heavier nights I even double up with my cup as well as the undies, you can never be too prepared. 

Why can you wear a cup all night but not a tampon? Great question. The main cause of Toxic Shock Syndrome is wearing a tampon for an extended amount of time. The fibres contained within a tampon, if left in for a long time, can be really harmful. Whereas, with the cup, a medical grade silicone material, you can leave it in for 8 hours - a whole night! If you have an extra heavy flow you can use both the undies as well as the cup to guarantee no spillage overnight.

This is similar to the undies as well. With three layers of protection you won't have the blood on the sheets problem. The full brief undies are designed to a heavier flow so great to wear on your first couple of nights on your period.

I love not having to wake up throughout the night knowing I have lasting protection with the period undies. 


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