Pelvi's Picks - Remedies for Period Pain


As in our last blog post we spoke about all those common types of period pains. Ranging from the sweats to complete dysfunction. After such a doom and gloom kind of read we wanted to shake it up. Give you our tips and tricks on how something pretty small can possibly assist you in dealing with your period pain.   

  • Dance baby dance! (or any type of low intensity movement) this gets your body moving, your body pumping and your endorphins flowing


  • Do an activity that you enjoy (again low intensity) this can assist in taking your mind off what’s going on downstairs and once again release those endorphins.


  • And last but not least the old wives tale of drinking a hot cup of tea. We all know that a heat pack can help dull the gut puncher pain but so can a nice hot cup of tea. Doesn’t get better than that.

These are all only considered short term remedies that might take the edge off; more long term lifestyle changes such as reducing stress, getting a longer and better nights sleep as well as watching aspects of your diet can also reduce pain over a longer period of time.

As always though it is best to consult with a medical professional as to what is best for your body and your needs.  

Everyone has their own ways on dealing with menstrual pain. What insider tips do you have?


Let us know below!

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