Pelvic Floor Basics

There are many contributors to a weakened pelvic floor and signs that you may have deteriorating pelvic floor muscles. The pelvic floor is basically a diamond shape of muscles that hold in all of your body’s insides. Sometimes with age, pregnancy, lack of training; this group of muscles no longer do their intended job, and you may see a decline with some of your bodily functions such as bladder control. Light bladder leakage affects 1 in 4 women however, it considered a largely ‘taboo’ topic because no one wants to know you might’ve wet yourself, right?

With so many people suffering from a weakened pelvic floor, there is absolutely no shame in experiencing what so many others do as well. But there is also no reason you have to be walking around in adult nappies and thinking there are no long-lasting solutions to LBL. There are many options out there, combined with corrective and preventative measures that can assist in building a strong pelvic floor. The answer doesn’t always have to be tricky exercises, surgery that might not be effective, or thick ‘nappy’esque disposables to protect you from leaking.

MEDIBall kegels are a weighted ball that is inserted internally, similar to a tampon. Coming in a kit with a single ball, a double ball and Bio Glide a natural lubricant, and a storage case -  it is the perfect starter kit to your pelvic strengthening journey.

We receive many questions, comments and concerns about the MEDIBalls every day, so we thought we’d give you a one stop shop about the benefits of using MEDIBalls and the importance of maintaining a strong pelvic floor.

MEDIBalls are designed to work with the muscles creating more strength. You can wear them in conjunction whilst completing pelvic floor exercises, or you can just use them alone. Just by wearing the MEDIBalls, they activate the pelvic floor muscles and encourage the development of strength. You only need to wear the MEDIBall for 10 minutes a day for 2 weeks to see a noticeable improvement. Start with the single ball and then move up to the double and remember to use the bio glide for easier insert. Once you can comfortably hold the MEDIBall for 10 minutes you can move to longer periods of time and paired with exercises/walking if desired.

The MEDIBall needs to be inserted fully as you would a tampon, for it to be the most effective. There is a hoop attached to the ball so you can retrieve it easily once you have completed your desired exercise/time wearing the ball.

MEDIBalls can be used for a slight bladder prolapse and can be an effective non-surgical bladder control treatment. As the pelvic floor muscles support the pelvic organs, strengthening these muscles can reduce symptoms of a prolapse. As MEDIBalls target the pelvic floor and surrounding regions, this allows for a more refined and concentrated exercise. As always it is best to confer with a medical professional first if you are apprehensive about trying MEDIBalls. But if you’re ready to take the leap you won’t regret it. Hear what these ladies have said!


“As a 25-year-old it’s important to be that I keep my pelvic floor strong in my younger years to help support me later in life. MEDIBalls has given me so much confidence. My pelvic floor is stronger than ever.”


“I’ve been using MEDIBalls for 3 months and I am extremely happy. I’ve even taken up Zumba, which I would never have been confident enough to do in fear of wetting myself.”


“Too good to be true… absolutely not! These are little miracle workers in just a few days I regained my life.”


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