Pelvi Woman of The Week

Christine Innes the founder of The Corporate Escapists.
In a couple of sentences, tell us who you are and what your passion is?
I’m Christine Innes the CEO and founder of The Corporate Escapists. My passion is helping people transform their lives and follow their passion.
Living life to the fullest everyday.

What is your business and what makes your business special? 
The Corporate Escapists is a global platform helping people transform their lives.  With our inspirational stories and program we give you the inspiration and tools to follow your passion.The Corporate Escapists has a YouTube channel, podcast and global magazine.

Did you know that the business started by me sharing my personal story and now I get to share other stores it inspire others to transform their lives and follow their passion.  It is truly amazing how stories can make a positive impact on peoples lives.

If you could pass on one piece of advice to other women in business, what would it be? 
Ask yourself what is your WHY?  Why you are starting your business, why you want to work for yourself.  There will be times when business and life will get hard so coming back to your why helps keep you motivated.

Tell us three interesting facts about you or your business
1. I love stories and read a book a week to keep myself inspired
2. Every podcast episode I film I feel like I get a mini coaching session myself listening to the amazing and inspirational guests.
3. I have a secret well not soo secret not now love affair with chocolate.

The power of stores for business owners is immense.  Share your why.  Every time we don’t share we are stopping ourselves from being visible to potential clients.

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