Nitty Gritty on Pelvi Menstrual Cups

A bit hesitant to try Pelvi Cup? 

Don't you worry so were we. Wearing a foreign 'plastic' object inside all day mustn't be good for you right? 

Well we're here to prove that wrong. 

We know that your nether region and what goes in and around it is sacred so we would only do the right thing by you and your whoo haa! This means by making Pelvi Cup with only the best quality materials for your body (with the added bonus of being good for the environment too). 

There are two main types of materials that most cups are made out of - silicone and TPE. We give you the best of both worlds with our Pelvi Cups.

Let's get into the science eh?


Silicones are made from quartz sand and can be made to be a mixture of synthetic rubbers and synthetic plastic polymers and can come in different forms. 

Silicone menstrual cups are one of the most common on the market, however, unlike the Pelvi Cup, they are not always medical-silicone. The Pelvi Cup is TGA certified medical grade silicone which is designed for use in the body. Silicone is often a slightly more soft to the touch material which provides comfort when wearing the cup internally. 

The silicone our small-large cups use can also withstand a higher heat level without changing shape. This allows you to fully sterilise your cup between uses. 


Now TPE and silicone are very similar in properties and it can sometimes be difficult to see the difference between both of these materials. We have used TPE for the Pelvi Teen Cup as TPE is more malleable therefore making it easier to insert for smaller bodies. Similarly, TPE is a hypoallergenic material which allows people who are sensitive to silicone still enjoy the benefits of a cup!


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