MEDIballs Kegel Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use MEDIballs whilst pregnant?

You can use MEDIballs during pregnancy as long as you do not have any complications. Every pregnancy is unique so if you are unsure, please consult your health professional before use.

Can I use MEDIballs with an IUD?

Yes MEDIballs is made from 100% medical grade silicone with no exposed parts so it is safe to use with the coil or IUD.

How do I insert MEDIballs?

Gently insert the MEDIballl in the vagina (like a tampon). The application of BioGlide lubricant makes insertion easier and is helpful when training. MEDIballs should be positioned deeply and almost vertically, with the retrieval tap facing downwards.

Do I need to do pelvic floor exercises with MEDIballs Secret?

The beauty of MEDIballs Secret is that they do not need to be used in conjunction with pelvic floor exercises. Just the use of MEDIballs Secret activates the pelvic floor muscles and encourages the development of strength. 

How does MEDIballs Secret improve sexual function?

MEDIballs Secret works to improve sexual function by increasing vaginal elasticity, strength and sensitivity. As the pelvic muscles strengthen, women develop greater control over their muscle response and ability to contract and control their orgasmic platform.

Is MEDIballs comfortable to wear? 

MEDIballs fits gently into the vaginal passage. added to this, the streamlined form allows for easy insertion and removal. MEDIballs’s unique design means no strings attached, so the device sits discreetly invisible within the vagina.

How will I know when to move from the Single to the Double?

Once the body grows accustomed to holding the Single for longer than a 10-30 minute period (multiple times a week) without issue, women can feel confident at this point to increase the weight to the Double MEDIballs Secret.


  • Are they safe to use with a prolapse.?

  • The recommended time to use daily is 5-15min. There is no set limit – however, you do not want to overwork the pelvic floor muscles by wearing them all day.

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  • How long can I leave them in for? Is there a limit?


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