Mamma I'm a Big Girl Now

Getting your first period is pretty momentous. A sign that you are developing into an adult, growing up. But it can also be pretty scary, daunting and unexpected but can also be fun and exciting for some. It is a different experience for all and no cookie cutter about it. 

You can expect to get your first period any time from the age of 8 up until 15 or so. There is no such thing as too young or too old to get your period. But if you still haven't gotten it by 16 it's best to have a chat to a medical professional. 

In our attempt to break the stigma on this perceived 'taboo topic' I thought I'd share a personal anecdotes about when I, a member of the Pelvi team, got my period. 

Whilst I don't actually remember getting my first period (shocking I know) I know I was always, I mean every single month, never prepared for it. I was in year seven, every 28 days I would 'unexpectedly' get my period. I was lucky to have a pretty systematic 28 day cycle and was very rarely late. So I should have known better and prepared myself for school. But no I never learned. So like clockwork I would sneakily ask my friend for a pad on the first day of my period every. single. month. 

My friend group and I used to call getting our periods 'popcorn' in an attempt to be sly and subtle. How nostalgic. I will turn this into a lesson though and an opportunity to plug Pelvi products (obviously). So here I give you what I (and probably my friend who I stole pads off every time) wish I had as my period starter kit. 

Pelvi Reusable Underwear

I mean you had to expect this one surely. If you're NOT like me and track your period and semi expect that it's coming, these undies are great. They feel like regular undies so aren't bulky to wear, and hold the same amount as up to 3 tampons worth - so will protect you all day at school or work. 

Pelvi Reusable Pads

But if you are like me, and never knew when your period was coming so didn't prepare with wearing your leakproof undies - the reusable pads are absolute game changers and so easy to have in the front pocket of your school bag or purse. With three different absorbency styles these pads are a god send for those unexpected period days. 


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