How To Use Pelvi MEDIballs Kegels

How Do MEDIballs Work?

MEDIballs is worn internally and use the fastest natural method known to build muscle strength; weight resistance training. Within each MEDIball lies an internally located weighted ball, which is triggered into random movements by the natural movement of the body, gently weight training the pelvic muscles.

How To Use MEDIballs?

Step 1: Before Use
As a form of maintenance, be sure to wash your MEDIballs Secret with in warm waster with Pelvi Wash and rinse thoroughly before and after use. 

Step 2: Application

  • Gently insert the MEDIballs into the vagina (like a tampon). As a reminder, the application of BIOglide can support and ease insertion.
  • The MEDIballs should be positioned deeply and almost vertically, with the retrievable loop facing downwards.

Step 3: Training and Duration 

  • Training can be performed while either standing still or walking around.  A single training session lasts up to 10 minutes.
  • Two daily training sessions of up to 10 minutes should be sufficient initially.
  • Once you can hold the MEDIballs for over 10 minutes with-out problems, you can increase the duration of training.

Step 4: Removal 
Gently hook your index finger around the retrieval loop at the base of the MEDIball and pull slowly to remove. 

Designed For Comfort
The multi-award winning ergonomic shape of MEDIballs Secret fits gently into the vaginal passage. Added to this, the streamlined form allows for easy insertion and removal. 

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