How Does MEDIballs Kegels Help Treat A Prolapse?

Often, women who have experienced a prolapse are eager to learn more about how increased pelvic strength and MEDIballs can support their pelvic health and be an effective non surgical prolapse treatment.

Without intervention, the symptoms of prolapse usually worsen over time. If a prolapse has not progressed passed a stage 2 then strengthening the pelvic floor muscles and modifying daily activities may be all that is required.

A prolapse is categorised by how much the organ or vaginal wall is pushing down into the vagina. The 3 stages are:

  • Stage 1: The wall/organ protrudes a little way into the vagina.
  • Stage 2: The wall/organ protrudes close to the vaginal opening.
  • Stage 3: The wall/organ protrudes out of the vagina.

The pelvic floor muscles support the pelvic organs, so by strengthening them you can help reduce symptoms of prolapse.

Pelvic floor exercises as a stand alone treatment may not offer the same results as training with MEDIballs Kegels. MEDIballs accurately targets the pelvic floor and surrounding muscles, insuring you are exercising the pelvic and vaginal region correctly. 

Many Physiotherapists will recommend MEDIballs Kegels to be worn in conjunction with prescribed pelvic floor exercises, as it delivers speedy and effective results.

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