Different Strokes for Different Folks

We understand that every body, and more specifically, ever period is completely different. You might bleed only three days but very heavily, or light for a week. You may prefer single use products, you may prefer menstrual cups. It's important to find what works best for you and your body. 

Have a look at our selection of products below and hopefully you can find an option that works for your best. 

Period Undies:


Not for everyone we get that, but definitely worth a try (or maybe we're biased). We have three styles in two colours so you can find which pair works best for which flow. I usually wear the Full Briefs overnight, the bikini during the day, and the g-string on either the final days when I'm spotting, or I wear them pretty much day to day just to keep fresh if I have any discharge. I can say from experience though, it took me a while to commit to wearing only the undies with no other protection, but once I tried I never went back. 

Menstrual Cups: 

These lil cups have been around for a while. They're a one stop shop for when you have your period. You can keep your cup in for up to 8 hours and own it for up to 8 years. They're super handy to just have in your handbag, plus they're great for the environment. Sometimes they can take a while to get a hang of how to use them and can be a bit messy until you're used to it, but cups are a great alternative to tampons. 

Reusable Pads

Another option if you aren't quite ready to test out menstrual cups, or you want a lil extra protection when wearing another type of product. Our reusable pads come in a three pack, with a liner, a regular pad and an overnight pad perfect for any time of your flow. They are made from recycled material and are super soft so don't cause any irritation. 

Finding what works best for you and your body can make the week of Aunt Flow that little bit easier. If you're still unsure of what product might be best give our experts a call on 1800 171 651. 


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