8 Myths About Pelvic Floor Training

Pelvic floor training is important for all women and needs to be incorporated into your daily routine. Below we explore the common misconceptions surrounding the pelvic floor.

1. Pelvic floor exercises are easy to complete correctly. 

Research shows the many women will complete exercises incorrectly, as your pelvic floor muscles are complex and hard to identify.  Training with MEDIballs  is an easy and effective way to complete your pelvic floor training correctly, the mere presence of the device’s weight starts resistance training.

2. Stoping your flow whilst urinating to strengthen pelvic floor muscles. 

A common misconception, this technique is to identify and isolate the pelvic floor, not as a strengthening exercise.

3. Pelvic floor exercises don't work.

Researching women’s health and the muscles of the pelvic floor, numerous studies have found that weakened pelvic muscles can be retrained and strengthened through the use of pelvic floor muscle exercises and weighted vaginal balls. There is ample evidence to show that pelvic floor muscle exercises are effective when the exercises are done correctly. 

4. My age is stopping me; I’m too old to fix any pelvic floor issues.

You can never be too old for pelvic floor training. Older women can have the same benefits from pelvic floor muscle exercises for incontinence as younger women.  What is great about the MEDIballs Secret Pelvic Floor Trainer is there is no strenuous exercises required, simply wear and it does the work for you.

5. It’s too late to fix pelvic floor issues after childbirth. 

Many women who have given birth feel their pelvic muscles are damaged or changed forever. Postnatal pelvic floor exercises assist in the rehabilitation of pelvic floor function and reduce the possibility of urinary incontinence. 

6. If I have a C-section my pelvic floor will be okay. 

The impact of pelvic floor strain can be felt as early as 12 weeks into pregnancy; carrying the child itself causes damage to the pelvic floor, not just the delivery. 

7. Leaking is normal after childbirth.

In some instances slight bladder leakage after childbirth is true, however this does not need to be the case. Correct pelvic floor training will resolve the problem of leaking, improve pelvic pain and increase your sexual health. 

8. Surgery will fix urinary incontinence.

Research has shown that surgery may improve the immediate issues of pelvic floor dysfunction, however without proper maintenance and pelvic floor exercises the operation may have to be repeated.

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