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Here at PELVI we understand the importance of having a backup when it comes to your period, which is why we have offered this duo pack with 2 x Menstrual Cup to ensure you have a backup Menstrual Cup for those unsuspecting moments. Simply select the size of each cup you want in options below. 

PELVI Cup’s flexible shape moves with you and it’s 4 suction holes allows for a secure fit offering complete protection from leaks. It's short grip stem facilitates removal without compromising comfort and it’s seamless design is smooth and easy to clean. 

Unlike many other brands on the market PELVI Cups are TGA approved, insuring you are using the highest quality Menstrual Cup.


  • Australian owned, TGA and FDA listed (Made in USA)
  • They are a safe, ecological and inexpensive alternative to other sanitary items.
  • Less irritation, no plastic, latex, BPA or chemicals. 
  • They can be worn for up to 8 consecutive hours before emptying and cleaning.
  • Made from the highest-grade medical silicone for less distribution to the natural vaginal pH.


SMALL: Ideal for first time adult users, teenagers and women with a low cervix. 
Length: 60mm * Rim Dial: 42 mm * Capacity: 25ml  

MEDIUM: designed for women who have a light to moderate menstrual flow and are 30 years and under.
Length: 70mm * Rim Dial: 42 mm * Capacity: 30ml 

LARGE: designed for women who experience a morerate to heavy flow, have given birth, or who are 34 years and over.
Length: 70mm * Rim Dial: 46mm * Capacity: 40ml

*This is only a guide. Many people who have had children will still be able to successfully use a SMALL and MEDIUM, and vice versa. 

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