Essential Period Kit


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Menstrual Cup Size

At PELVI we have your period care options covered! Every woman needs to know what type of feminine hygiene products to use and for what situation, so we have packed this awesome Essential Period Kit. 

Each Essential Kits Includes: 

  • hannahpad Small Twin Pack Organic Cloth
    hannahpads are a washable and sustainable sanitary cloth pad. They are made up of organic cotton internal and top layers, and a leak proof outer layer (which looks nice too!). The wings wrap around your underwear to secure comfortably in place with a snap fastener.

  • Menstrual Cup
    Menstrual Cups are a life-changing alternative to sanitary tampons that last up to 12 hours in-between emptying. Collecting 3-4 times more fluid than tampons you can go longer between changes. They will not leak or move when inserted correctly and are great to wear whilst swimming or exercising.
  • PELVI Menstrual Cup Wash
    PELVIwash is a natural, intimate pH-balnaced wash designed to be used in your daily hygiene regime. It is ideal for washing your intimate devices and has been created as a medical grade wash to clean PELVI Menstrual Cups.