Your Next Pelvic Floor Strengthener Is Right Here

Your Next Pelvic Floor Strengthener Is Right Here

Many females find urinary incontinence inconvenient, uncomfortable and just plain annoying. The good thing is and alternative is out there. Our pelvic floor assist devices and Mediballs exist to strengthen weaker muscles and better control the flow of urine.

Pelvi’s slimline pelvic floor weights are designed to sit comfortably in your vagina, strengthening your vaginal muscles without you having to do a thing. Their unique design slides in easily, and sits discreetly throughout the day, gently training the muscles. The Medi balls’ weight provides a natural resistance that means you don’t have to worry about completing strenuous exercises.

These kegel weights and strengthening devices are designed to be used as part of a two-step system. As your vaginal muscles become accustomed to the smaller of the vaginal weights, you can graduate to the two-in-one product, which will provide maximum effect.

Effective kegel balls designed for females everywhere

Anyone can use our devices no matter their age. Older females especially benefit from using the training ball strengthening devices, as the natural strength of their vaginal wall has diminished over time. That said, it’s never too early to start, and does not cause any damage to the vagina.

Our Medi Balls are made without BPA or latex, meaning they are a safe alternative for any female. German-made, they have been tested against strict Therapeutic Good Administration of Australia guidelines, and have passed the stringent criteria for safe sale in this country.

As well as our Mediballs, we stock menstrual cups so you’re never caught short

Pelvi’s range of silicon cups give you peace-of-mind when you have your period.

Easy to use, clean and store, each cup is completely hygienic

Even better, the cups are a once-off payment designed to avoid the repeated costs of tampons and pads. One cup will last you for years on end, and will mean you don’t have to waste money on products that will simply end up in the rubbish bin at the end of the day.

Ecologically friendly, each silicone cup also avoids the resource-heavy production methods that come from other sanitary products.

Our pelvic toning balls can be shipped Australia-wide

At Pelvi, we are dedicating to assisting all women take control of their lives with pelvic floor balls and menstrual cups, as well as advice on easy to do exercises to help you strengthen your pelvic floor.

Visit one of our stockists around the country, or order today or and we will provide shipping throughout Australia.