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How does MEDIballs Secret Work?

Learn how MEDIballs Secret has enabled thousands of women gain greater control of her pelvic floor and treat symptoms of Urinary Incontinence.

Michelle, 32 - Mother of Twins

Michelle, 32 is a mother of newborn twins who realised that weakening of the pelvic floor muscles does happen. Thanks to her local mothers group she was introduced to MEDIballs Secret .

Julia, 43 - Marketing Director

Julia’s doctor recommended MEDIballs Secret in conjunction with pelvic floor exercises to strengthen her entire pelvic region.

Laura, 20 - University Student

Laura expresses her concerns of the symptoms of a weak pelvic floor and how she discovered MEDIballs Secret through social media to increase her confidence.

Trish, 48 - Golfer

48 year old Golfer, Trish shares with us her story about how MEDIballs Secret empowered her to take control of her bladder and stay out there on the Golf course.

Sarah, 24 - Mother with Toddler

Sarah, 24 Since using this Class 1 medical device she noticed a change within the first week and her confidence has skyrocketed.

Tiffany, 24 - Hairdresser

Tiffany shares with us how simply laughing at a joke triggered her to go to the bathroom. Thanks to the discreet use of MEDIballs Secret she now no longer has this problem

Jo, 30 - Personal Trainer

Jo found that as a personal trainer she was rushing to the bathroom when she was training her clients. Jo has increased her pelvic muscles strength thanks to MEDIballs Secret and is recommending them to her clients.

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