MEDIballs Secret Kegel

Revolutionising pelvic floor strength for thousands of women.

Take the proactive approach to strengthening your pelvic floor muscles the safe and effective way with MEDIballs Secret. As part of a clinical study 85 % of women rated MEDIballs Secret as excellent treatment aid for bladder leakage and a minor prolapse.  Made in Germany and recommended by healthcare professionals. MEDIballs Secret treats and supports:
  • Prevention and treatment of urinary incontinence
  • Prevention and treatment of minor prolapse
  • Strengthen vaginal muscles pre and post pregnancy
  • Strengthen vaginal muscles for sexual health

How Do MEDIballs Work?

MEDIballs Secret are Class 1 Medical Devices with specially designed weighted training balls, which are worn comfortably inside and strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. MEDIballs use the fastest natural method known to build muscle strength; weight resistance training. This method is referred to as “biofeedback training” a similar concept to strength training in a gym. 

Results are via a 2-way action:

  1. The MEDIballs move kinetically, triggered by subtle body movements. Those gentle motions stimulates the pelvic floor muscles and isolates the correct muscles, insuring you get the best results.
  2. Simply holding the weights inside starts resistance training, no exercise   required. 

Why Is It Recommended By Healthcare Professionals?

  • Quick Results, no surgery, no exercise required. 
  • Strengthens & tones the pelvic floor at any age, particularly after childbirth
  • Class 1 medical device listed with the Therapeutic Goods Administration of Australia
  • Use as little as 5 minutes a day
  • 100% discreet, membrane friendly & comfortable
  • BPA, Plastic & Latex Free

How To Use MEDIballs?

  • Insert MEDIballs the same way as a tampon - using lubricant if preferred
  • Initially, hold in for 5 minutes (can progress up to 1 hour, average time is 15 minutes)
  • Repeat several  times a weekly, slowly building up the amount of time used in a session.
  • Alternately, use overnight, the movement of the body while sleeping is enough to trigger the movements of the ball

    2 Step Training Process, Selecting a Single or a Double MEDIball?

    A Single MEDIballs weighs 45 grams and the Double MEDIball weighs 90 grams. Most women prefer to start with a Single, and progress to a Double when the pelvic floor muscles get stronger. (i.e. the single becomes easy to hold for 30 minutes or more, several times a week). Once the Double becomes easy, the pelvic floor is strengthened. 

    MEDIball Secret's two step kegel training program strengthens the female pelvic floor muscles in as little as 7 days. 

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    So many women simply can’t be wrong! See what customers have to say about MEDIballs Secret.

    As part of a clinical study conducted by Dermatest GmbH, 85% of women surveyed regarding their satisfaction with MEDIballs Secret rated the product as good to excellent. *Results may vary for individual cases.A recent 2014 study by Porta-Roda has produced interesting results when comparing the effectiveness of pelvic muscle exercises (PMEsI to pelvic floor training devices i.e. vaginal weights The research goal was to ascertain whether or not training with vaginal wieghts could produce a lesser, similar or greater muscular strength and response than PMEs could alone. The results identified that PMEs and vaginal weights produced similar results but at different speeds.

    Patients who trained with vaginal weights developed a degree of pelvic strength within four weeks that PME patients could only achieve in six months. So while PMEs eventually create results, they do so over an extended period of time and often for a low percentage of women. Vaginal weights produce speedy and consistent results as their insertion engages the pelvic platform.