Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the difference between the Single ball and the Double ball? How do I know which size MEDIballs Secret to choose?

Pelvi's MEDIballs Secret is available in two sizes, a Single and a Double. We offer two sizes because many women find that they prefer to begin with a Single ball, then build their strength up to later train with the Double ball. The Single ball weighs 45 grams and the Double ball weighs 90 grams. If you feel that you may have especially weak pelvic floor muscles, possibly triggered by childbirth, intense activity, or age, it could be a good move to start with the Single and work up to the Double. Alternatively, other women feel that while they need to work their pelvic floor, they can immediately handle the weight of the Double. If you are unsure about your pelvic strength, we recommend starting with the Single MEDIballs Secret and working your way up to the Double MEDIballs Secret as your strength increases.

2. Do I need to use lubricant with MEDIballs Secret?

For easy insertion, we recommend that you insert your MEDIballs Secret with the assistance of lubricant. As we are chemical conscious, we recommend our BIOglide lubricant, a 100% organic product. To learn more about BIOglide head to the BIOglide page.

3. Do I need to do pelvic floor exercises with MEDIballs Secret?

The beauty of MEDIballs Secret is that they do not need to be used in conjunction with pelvic floor exercises. Just the use of MEDIballs Secret activates the pelvic floor muscles and encourages the development of strength. Research has shown that the use of MEDIballs Secret can intensify and amplify the results of pelvic floor exercises. To lend some support, MEDIballs Secret includes a complimentary 37 exercise book in the packaging! Alternatively, you can choose to train with MEDIballs Secret by wearing the device during walks, while running errands, during yoga, while pottering around the house or even just while sleeping.

4. When should I use MEDIballs Secret and for how long?

Many women prefer to first train with MEDIballs Secret while sleeping. During the initial stages of MEDIballs Secret training, test your pelvic strength in small increments a few times a week and build up from that point. Training can begin by wearing the MEDIballs for short periods of time while walking around the house. Once a women’s personal confidence in MEDIballs Secret increases, so too can their confidence in alternative training methods. Women can feel confident to run errands, shop, participate in low-grade exercise and take extended walks while training with MEDIballs Secret. Women can expect to see an improvement in their pelvic health within 7 days of regular MEDIballs training.

5. How will I know when to move from the Single to the Double?

Women can sometimes be unsure as to when exactly they should move from the Single MEDIballs Secret to the Double MEDIballs Secret. Women who are concerned with their initial pelvic health will often start with the Single. At first, it may feel as though the MEDIballs are trying to ‘slip out’. This is a natural response, as the pelvic floor is rather weak and will struggle to hold the device. As this feeling subsides and pelvic control improves, women can consider a move towards the heavier weight. Once the body grows accustomed to holding the Single for longer than a 10-30 minute period (multiple times a week) without issue, women can feel confident at this point to increase the weight to the Double MEDIballs Secret.

6. How does MEDIballs Secret improve sexual function?

MEDIballs Secret works to improve sexual function by increasing vaginal elasticity, strength and sensitivity. As the pelvic muscles strengthen, women develop greater control over their muscle response and ability to contract and control their orgasmic platform. This results in more sensitivity during intercourse and a greater response from the orgasmic platform. To discover more about how MEDIballs Secret can improve decreased sexual function, head to our Sexual Health page.

7. Can MEDIballs Secret help with pelvic health after childbirth?

Women often experience the symptoms of incontinence and decreased sexual function as a result of the stretching and weakening of the pelvic floor. MEDIballs Secret can assist with the rehabilitation of the pelvic floor and orgasmic platform after the pelvic trauma of childbirth. MEDIballs Secret supports women who want to be proactive and restore optimal pelvic strength and health. Crucially, be sure to wait six weeks after delivery and receive approval from your healthcare professional before using MEDIballs Secret. The MEDIballs Secret medical device is an ideal way to improve pelvic health with regular and convenient training. The attraction to MEDIballs Secret is versatility. So if it is first easiest to train with the device while sleeping, start there! Then work your way up to gentle walks and running errands while comfortably holding in the device.

8. What separates MEDIballs Secret from other products on the market?

MEDIballs Secret is unique to the market because of its design, materials and usability. Our device is made with BPA plastic free materials, to ensure that women’s bodies are not intimately exposed to toxic plastics. Added to this, MEDIballs Secret employs weight and resistance training to improve pelvic health and is latex free. The MEDIballs Secret method can often produce greater results than alternative products that rely on electronic vibration. Devices that involve wires and electric pulses can be intimidating, time consuming and awkward to regularly train with. Conveniently, MEDIballs Secret has been specifically designed to wear completely internally. MEDIballs Secret is worn entirely inside the vagina with no tabs or cords protruding out, thanks to the specially designed retrievable loop. The design of the overall MEDIballs Secret allows women to train their pelvic floor whenever it suits their schedule.

9. When should I not use MEDIballs Secret?
  • Whilst urinating
  • During menstruation
  • If you have vaginal inflammation
  • If your physician recommends against MEDIballs Secret usage
  • If you’re suffering from cystitis or a vaginal infection, including thrush
  • During vaginal wound healing (e.g. after episiotomy)
  • During pregnancy or while trying to conceive a child
  • If you are fitted with an IUD contraception device, we recommend you consult your healthcare professional first.
  • Immediately after the birth of a baby, and for the following six weeks after birth.
Alternatively, if you are unsure if MEDIballs Secret is appropriate for you, please consult your preferred healthcare professional.

Menstrual Cup FAQ's

1. How do I know what size Menstrual Cup is right for me?

Pelvi Menstrual Cups come in 2 sizes: Size 1 and Size 2. The size is mostly related to childbirth history. Size 1 is for women who have not given birth or experience a light flow. Size 2 is for women who have given birth or experience a heavy flow.

2. How does a Menstrual Cup stay in position?

Pelvi Menstrual Cups are designed to stay in position by creating a firm seal when inserted. Menstrual Cups are inserted into the vagina right under the cervix and work with the vaginal wall to hold in place. Holes placed on the cup rim help create a firm seal.

3. Can I wear a Menstrual Cup while exercising or swimming?

Pelvi Menstrual Cups are designed for an active lifestyle; their unique design allows you to preform high impact sports without worrying about leaks or changes. Creating a seal the Menstrual Cup will not move or leak when exercising.

4. Can a Menstrual Cup get stuck internally?

It rarely occurs but if you relax, squat and genetly push the cup will be forced down so you can grab it. Remember, the aim is to break the seal.

5. How often do I empty my Menstrual Cup?

As a general guide, Pelvi Menstrual cups last for 6 to 9 hours without needing to be emptied. Naturally this is dependent on each person's flow, activity and circumstances.

6. Is it difficult to insert a Menstrual Cup?

For beginners menstrual cups can take a few cycles to get used to but is well worth it. Menstrual cups accommodate to the size of your vagina so although it looks a bit big - it is painless and safe to use.

7. What is the best folding technique for inserting a Menstrual Cup?

For easy insertion your Pelvi Menstrual Cup should always be folded prior to inserting. The most common and preferred technique is to fold the cup in half. Hold the cup with your thumb on one side, and your index and middle finger curved around the other side. Then, push your thumb in towards your index fingers so that the opening of the Menstrual Cup is pinched. For first time users try removing and inserting your Menstrual Cup in the shower.

Diagram on how to insert menstrual cups

8. How do I clean my Menstrual Cup between monthly uses?

Once you have finished your cycle, it is recommended that you sterilise your Menstrual Cup by boiling it for 1 minute, rinsing it, drying it off, and then storing it in a cool, dry place (in its storage pouch preferably). 

Shipping FAQ's

1. Will my parcel be sent in discreet packaging?

Our customers can be confident that their order will be discreetly delivered. All orders dispatched from Pelvi are packaged in a discreet, plain white box with no reference to the product on the packaging. For international orders, reference of enclosed products must be made for Customs clearance.

2.What are the delivery times?

We use Australia Post standard and express postage service.

  • Express Postage is a 1-2 Business Day (Australian capital cities and major metro areas). Regional areas outside the express post network may be 2-5 days.
  • Standard postage is delivered 3-5 business days (Australian capital cities and major metro areas). Regional areas outside the express post network may be 5-7 days. 
3. How much is shipping/postage?

Standard: 3-5 business days = $10.00
Express: 1-2 business days = $15.00

New Zealand
Standard: 7-10 business days = $15.00
Express: 2-4 business days = $20.00

Rest of World*
Standard: 7-10 business days = $15.00-$20.00*
Express: 2-4 business days = $25.00-$35.00*
*Correct shipping price will be calculated at Checkout based on location.

All orders are dispatched within 24 business hours.

All orders include tracking. For Standard International shipping, tracking is not available once your parcel leaves Australia.