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Here at PELVI we understand the importance of having a backup when it comes to your period, which is why we have offered this duo pack to ensure you have a backup Menstrual Cup for those unsuspecting moments.

PELVI Cup’s flexible shape moves with you and it’s 4 suction holes allows for a secure fit offering complete protection from leaks. It's short grip stem facilitates removal without compromising comfort and it’s seamless design is smooth and easy to clean. 


  • Australian owned, Made in the USA - FDA listed. 
  • They are a safe, ecological and inexpensive alternative to other sanitary items.
  • Less irritation, no plastic, latex, BPA or chemicals. 
  • They can be worn for up to 8 consecutive hours before emptying and cleaning.
  • Made from the highest-grade medical silicone for less distribution to the natural vaginal pH.


SMALL: Ideal for first time adult users, teenagers and women with a low cervix. 
Length: 60mm * Rim Dial: 42 mm * Capacity: 25ml  

MEDIUM: designed for women who have a light to moderate menstrual flow and are 30 years and under.
Length: 70mm * Rim Dial: 42 mm * Capacity: 30ml 

LARGE: designed for women who experience a morerate to heavy flow, have given birth, or who are 34 years and over.
Length: 70mm * Rim Dial: 46mm * Capacity: 40ml

*This is only a guide. Many people who have had children will still be able to successfully use a SMALL and MEDIUM, and vice versa. 

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