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MEDIball Secret Are Class 1 Medical Devices 

MEDIball Secret's two step kegel training program strengthens female pelvic floor muscles in as little as 7 days, even without pelvic floor exercises! Each MEDIballs Secret Duo Deal includes the award-winning pelvic floor training weights (kegel weights), MEDIballs Secret Single and MEDIballs Secret DoubleWithin each MEDIball lies a weighted ball, which is triggered into random movements by the body, gently weight training the pelvic muscles.

MEDIballs Secret is a conservative treatment for women of all ages, whether you are in your 20's or 80's this device will yield effective results. 

Safe, Durable & German Made

The exterior of MEDIballs is an easy-to-clean, smooth, BPA plastic and latex free material. Made from a 100% Silikomed, which is a specially developed thermoplastic elastomer (TPE).   
  • Class 1 Medical Device 
  • Listed with the TGA (Therapeutic Good Administration of Australia)
  • Available in Single and Double design 
  • Mucous membrane friendly and hypoallergenic
  • Made of 100% Silikomed
  • Discreet (worn completely internal)
  • Clinically proven results 

Benefits of MEDIballs Secret

  • MEDIballs Single is the only pelvic floor weight designed for women with uterine prolapse
  • Prevention and treatment of urge and stress incontinence
  • Treatment of light bladder leakage
  • Therapeutic training following pregnancy
  • Increase awareness of your pelvic floor muscles
  • See results in 7 days* 

How Does MEDIball Secret Work?

  • MEDIballs pelvic floor strengthener can be worn from as briefly as five minutes, three times a week to an hour a day, several days a week or even while you sleep. 
  • The ergonomic shape fits gently into the vaginal passage. Added to this, the streamlined form allows for easy insertion and removal.
  • Creates a trampoline effect for gentle stimulation and more effective training of the pelvic floor muscles. 
Take a look at our MEDIballs Complete Trainer Kit $119.95 which includes much needed BIOglide lubricant and MEDIballs Secret Case. 

- 1 x MEDIballs Secret - Single + Training booklet
- 1 x MEDIballs Secret - Double + Training booklet
- 1 x Pink satin storage bag

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