MEDIballs Secret Duo Deal Pelvic Floor Set

MEDIball Secret Are Class 1 Medical Devices 

MEDIball Secret's easy two step training program strengthens the female pelvic floor muscles in as little as 7 days, even without pelvic floor exercises! Each MEDIballs Secret Duo Deal includes the award-winning pelvic floor training weights (kegel weights), MEDIballs Secret Single and MEDIballs Secret DoubleWithin each MEDIball lies a weighted ball, which is triggered into random movements by the body, gently weight training the pelvic muscles.

Safe, Durable & German Made

The exterior of MEDIballs is an easy-to-clean, smooth, BPA plastic and latex free material. Made from a 100% Silikomed, which is a specially developed thermoplastic elastomer (TPE).   
  • Class 1 Medical Device 
  • Listed with the TGA (Therapeutic Good Administration of Australia)
  • Available in Single and Double design 
  • Mucous membrane friendly and hypoallergenic
  • Made of 100% Silikomed
  • Discreet (worn completely internal)
  • Clinically proven results 

Benefits of MEDIballs Secret

  • MEDIballs Single is the only pelvic floor weight designed for women with uterine prolapse
  • Treatment of light bladder leakage
  • Prevention and treatment of urge and stress incontinence
  • Therapeutic training following pregnancy
  • Increase awareness of your pelvic floor muscles
  • MEDIballs pelvic floor strengthener can be worn from as briefly as five minutes, three times a week to an hour a day, several days a week. 
  • See results in 7 days* 

How do MEDIballs Secret Work?

MEDIballs use the fastest method known to build pelvic floor strength; weight resistance training. This method is referred to as “biofeedback training” a similar concept to strength training in a gym. MEDIballs secret encourages blood flow to the area, rejuvenating and initiating new nerve development. The weight of the MEDIballs may initially feel as though the device is trying to slip out. This is simply the message the muscles send as they work to hold MEDIballs inside.

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