Why It's Good To Swap To Organic Laundry Products

Why It's Good To Swap To Organic Laundry Products

August 09, 2017

Why It's Good To Swap To Organic Laundry Products

Every household has weekly washing, and yes it's important to insure our clothes are as clean and germ free as possible. However have you ever thought about the ingredients used in popular fabric softeners and washing detergents? 

Many commercial laundry detergents contain chemicals, pollutants and artificial preservatives, all damaging to human health. Although it may be easy to just skip over all the ingredients listed on these products, do some research into each and you'll see why some agitate our health and can contribute to types of allergies. 

Benefits of Organic Laundry Solutions

Organic laundry solutions like EarthWise Gel and Ecologic use non-harmful ingredients derived from organic sources, with no phosphates, no bleaches or synthetic fragrances. 

  1. Healthy for the family & sensitive skin 
  2. Cloths will last longer due to no use of harsh chemicals 
  3. Helping redcuce pollutants entering the environment 
  4. No need for fabric softeners 
  5. soothing essential oils instead of synthetic fragrances

Using natural ingredients in your laundry can be a great way of taking your environmentally friendly and helath conscious living to the next level! 

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