Why Do People Think Menstrual Cups Are Scary?

Why Do People Think Menstrual Cups Are Scary?

March 29, 2017

Are Menstrual Cups "Scary"?

It’s a question cup users often ask themselves. What makes people so squeamish about using a menstrual cup? When trying to sell your friends on making the switch away from pads or tampons, you can run up against several roadblocks, running from ‘its unsanitary’, to ‘wouldn’t that be uncomfortable?’. Fortunately, these opinions come from a lack of knowledge about what a menstrual cup is and how it works. Let Pelvi help you bust some myths, so you can get more people enjoying the cup.

Getting over the adjustment period

Inserting a menstrual cup takes a bit more deftness than a tampon, but not much. Many people who complain of pain or uncomfortable sensations without an associated medical reason while using a cup may simply have made a mistake either at the checkout or during insertion. Like a good pair of shoes, comfort starts before you even put them on – way back at the store. Ensuring that you get the right size and shape of cup for your vagina is critical.

Once you’ve got the right fit, putting it on is the most important part. Many menstrual cups looks large in the packet, but are designed to be folded up prior to insertion. Your manufacturer will usually provide instructions, but typically, the cup must be folded in half vertically then held tightly together. Gripping the stem at the base, insert it into your vagina and release, allowing the cup to unfurl to its full diameter and create a waterproof seal.

No more invasive than a tampon

Many people also see it as somehow more intimate or invasive than other hygiene products. This is simply not true. A lot of this is advertising – think about every tampon ad you’ve ever seen, they always push the angle that they’re cleaner, less obtrusive and less of a hassle than alternatives. With the proper folding technique, a menstrual cup is as easy to put in and as comfortable to walk around with as any tampon.

Clean and hygienic, if you know what you’re doing

Some of your friends may have gotten too use to rolling their pads up and throwing them in the bin to think they could ever make the switch to cups. While menstrual cups do require a little bit of extra work to make safe, this is simple to learn and easy to do, even on heavy flow days. After a couple of cycles, anyone can be a master at removing their cup without spilling, emptying it and cleaning it.

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