Bentonite Clay and its Beautiful Magic

Bentonite Clay and its Beautiful Magic

July 04, 2017

Bentonite Clay and its Beautiful Magic

This clay has many purposes, from pottery, construction products and beauty products. It has been around for centuries, and only now being applauded for its cosmetic and health benefits. 

I first started using this beauty tip about a year ago. A friend in London with glowing skin got me hooked. She explained she used this recipe once a week to form a mask on her face and neck, plus adding it into a warm bath to draw out bodily toxins. 

Her recipe was bentonite clay (on its own) with the addition of water and apple cider vinegar to bring to a paste. Brush it on your skin, and allow about 10 minutes for the beauty benefits to start working. Trust me after your first mask you will also be hooked!

This Clay contains many minerals including iron, sodium, calcium, potassium and magnesium formed from volcanic ash. By adding water to bentonite clay it produces a negative charge which in turn draws toxins from the skin. This works both internally and externally. You can detoxify internally by ingesting the clay on its own with water. 

 Her are some additional reasons why this should be your go to mask: 

1. Shrinks and unclogs pores

2. Reduction of sebum production

3.Toxin withdrawal effects

4.  Adds a glowing effect to the face

5. Produces softer skin 

6. Exfoliating properties

7. Reduction of scar appearance

8. Regenerate skin tissue

At Pelvi we want to provide high quality products that actually work! We have created our own MASKme, which is formulated by our in-house Pharmacist on the Gold Coast. All steps of production are done in our facility, allowing us to control the amount of ingredient and quality standards. 

Our MASKme, uses Australian Charcoal, Bentonite Clay and Coffee grinds. The addition of the coffee grinds allows a deeper exfoliation through the epidermal layer. We recommend to use MASKme once to twice a week to receive full benefits. 







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