What Can Cause A Prolapse?

What Can Cause A Prolapse?

January 05, 2018

6 Common Factors That May Cause A Prolapse.


During vaginal delivery a woman's muscles have to expand in order for the baby to move through the vagina. A vaginal delivery may cause a muscle to break as the baby's head comes through the pelvic floor. When this occurs the muscle does not contract as it should. In most women the damage is often minor, but in others enough muscle may be lost to the point that it can no longer hold the pelvic organs in place.


During menopause decreased estrogen may also contribute to an pelvic organ prolapse. Also during menopause, estrogen levels, collagen and certain connective tissue proteins decline.

Chronic Coughing

Women who have a chronic cough caused by smoking, asthma or bronchitis put increased pressure on the abdomen and pelvis floor muscles. Smoking alone reduces collagen and can increase the chances of a connective tissue tear.


Women who are overweight often have a higher rate of pelvic organ prolapse as weight contributes to an increased pressure in the abdomen.

Past Surgery of the Pelvic Floor

Surgery may cause damage to the support structureof the pelvic organs. 


Diseases affecting the nervous system such as Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis etc may also increase the chances of developing pelvic organ prolapse.

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