Three Health Reasons Why Menstrual Cups Are Better Than Pads Or Tampons

Three Health Reasons Why Menstrual Cups Are Better Than Pads Or Tampons

March 22, 2017

Three Health Reasons Why Menstrual Cups Are Better Than Pads Or Tampons

We’ve all heard some of the big reasons why so many are making the jump to menstrual cups. Whether it’s saving money or keeping used menstrual hygiene products out of our landfills, more and more people are discovering this little marvel. 

But the benefits go further than that. Not only will a menstrual cup keep the planet greener and your wallet fuller, it’ll keep you healthier, happier and more comfortable! Read on to find out why. 

No more rashes

There are two kinds of adults in the world – those who’ve had nappy rash from a chafing pad and those who haven’t. Whichever you are, you can probably agree that avoiding an irritating, itchy, stinging rash in your most sensitive bits is probably a good idea! All nappy rash is caused by prolonged contact between the skin and high pH moisture – normally urine or faeces in a baby’s case but blood and mucosal tissue here – so leaving your pad in a little bit too long has you running the risk of a very embarrassing trip to the chemist for some soothing cream. 

Menstruation cups are completely internal, so you’re never at risk of a rash. 

A better night’s sleep

No more getting up in the night to change! Tampons and pads should only be used for a certain amount of time, otherwise you run the risk of rash, toxic shock syndrome and a whole range of other unpleasantness. Even if you’re not sleeping long enough to be at risk, your pad or tampon might simply run out of absorbency. Tampons hold between six and nine grams of liquid and can only be used for up to eight hours, whereas a menstrual cup can hold a huge 28 grams and can have you going as long as 12 hours before you need a change, so even the latest sleeper can rest easy knowing that it’s all taken care of. 

No more chemicals where they shouldn’t be

A good menstrual cup will be made from 100 per cent medical grade silicone, completely free of latex, BPA, dye or any other substance you wouldn’t want up there. Their simple, safe construction means zero chance of a nasty reaction with the delicate ecosystem you’re maintaining downstairs. Unless you get one of the few 100 per cent organic brands, your tampon is likely to contain bleached rayon to create a sterile, medical look. Bleached rayon has the unfortunate reputation as containing a potential carcinogen – dioxin. Pads aren’t any better. If you’re dedicated to controlling exactly what goes into your body, make the smart choice and pick a menstrual cup.


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