The Taboo Topic Of Bladder Weakness

The Taboo Topic Of Bladder Weakness

June 17, 2017

The taboo topic of bladder weakness

A topic approached by each woman differently, sexual health is an important component of everyday function and emotional wellbeing. Whilst women may feel differently about how comfortable they are with the subject, many can agree that sexual function is a fundamental component of optimal emotional and physical health.

How can these problems form?

Decreased sexual function is a central concern for a number of women and can be triggered by a number of factors. The pelvic muscles that are tied to the orgasmic platform can weaken by giving birth, drastic weight gain/loss, strenuous exercise, or as a result of ageing (which can occur in women over 30). So if you feel that you may suffer from decreased sexual function, don’t panic. We are here to support and inform you of your treatment options. Yet, while there is a wide discussion about sexual disorders, there is too small a conversation about how women can take steps toward maintaining and improving general sexual health. Unsurprisingly, research has related female sexual disorders with pelvic floor development. Pelvic floor training is critical to maintaining sexual health as it encourages nerve development, muscular elasticity and encourages blood flow to the region.

How can you address these problems?

MEDIballs Secret is an affordable, non-surgical and simple way to strengthen pelvic floor muscles. The device subsequently enhances sexual health, function and gratification. MEDIballs Secret works to stimulate pelvic floor muscles with weighted balls. The pelvic floor muscle wraps around the outer one-third layer of the vagina, which corresponds to the part of the vagina commonly known as the ‘orgasmic platform.’ The gentle movement of the balls stimulates the muscles, which generates new nerves and increases pelvic elasticity. The result of which is increased flexibility and sensitivity.

Re-engaging with the pelvic floor muscle can also improve sex drive, as increased blood flow to the vagina enhances sensitivity and arousal. Central to sexual health is the exercising of pelvic floor muscles. Many women may be familiar with the popular title ‘Kegel Exercises,’ or actively participate in yoga or Pilates with a goal of increased pelvic strength. 

Although pelvic floor exercises are important, they are complemented and amplified by MEDIballs Secret. What makes MEDIballs Secret a ground breaking innovation is that it will produce results as a stand-aloneA medical device, without the necessity of pelvic floor exercises. However, if you wish accelerate your pelvic health training, combine MEDIballs Secret with the complimentary 37 page exercise book included with your MEDIballs Secret order.


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