Poor posture can cause or worsen pelvic floor problems

June 28, 2016

Poor posture can worsen pelvic floor problems

The pelvic floor ages the same way as the rest of the human body; the organs shrink and  lose their elasticity. The pelvic floor becomes less elastic and its retaining strength weakens.
 This makes pelvic floor training whilst your younger all the more important. When pelvic health is not maintained urinary incontinence can occur, and the womb may prolapse, which can have extremely unpleasant consequences.

Why is Correct Posture Important for our pelvic floor?

Correct posture helps to reduce muscle weakness and problems typically associated with poor posture such back strain. What many of us don’t realise is that our posture or how when we sit or stand can also affect our pelvic floor. 

Posture Exercises 

It is important to maintain an upright, pelvis-friendly position in daily life. This exercises will help you to improve your awareness.

Take a hip-width stance, bending your knees only slightly. Straighten your spine and tilt your head upwards from a point originating from the crown. Place one hand on your lower abdomen, the other on your chest. Straighten your sternum and tilt it diagonally upwards. Pull your navel inwards and upwards whilst pulling your shoulders back and down.

Stay in this position.

Back Strengthener

Stand in an upright position, elongate your spine, and maintain a neu- tral head position. Take a shoulder-width stance, with the knees and toes pointing forward. Raise your arms and position your elbows at shoulder height, with an approximately 90 degree angle (right angle) between the upper arm and the forearm. Pull your shoulders back and down.

Activate your pelvic foor, and tilt your torso forwards from the hips, until the angle between your thighs and your torso is around 90 degrees. Slowly stretch your arms out in front of you. Then bend your arms again.

Repeat this 25 times before slowly relaxing.

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