Are You Playing Russian Roulette?

Are You Playing Russian Roulette?

April 02, 2017

With LBL your chances are 3:1, your chances with Russian roulette are 6:1.

The hard facts are, according to the Continence Foundation Australia, that one in three women will experience some degree of urinary incontinence in her lifetime. What’s more she will be lucky if it’s only light leakage. So its stands to reason that being proactive and warding off avoidable leakage is desirable.

How do you beat the odds?

Understanding why a weak pelvic floor is one of the main causes of leakage is a very good place start.

When the pelvic floor is weak it sags and drags the sphincter muscles open making it difficult to keep closed. This circular sphincter muscle, embedded in the pelvic floor, is designed to stem the flow. The leakage occurs when the sphincter is unable to function properly. Obviously firming the pelvic floor is imperative to avoid the bullet and treat leakage.

How to dodge the bullet?

The fastest way to build a muscle is to use weight resistance. And by that we don’t mean having to take out a gym membership. At home, during normal household activities, or out walking simply wearing MEDIballs Secret’s special designed medical pelvic weight will fast track the strength of your pelvic floor muscles. Eureka. No embarrassing or uncomfortable protruding parts. Worn totally internally for a few minutes each day, building up to longer sustainable increments, will do the trick.

Pulling The Trigger

Light bladder leakage will only get worse if you don’t do something about it. If you pull that trigger now by being proactive about your intimate health and visit to find out more about pelvic strengthening, you can later confidently dodge that LBL bullet.


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