Odour and Menstruation: Problem or Paranoia?

May 19, 2017

Odour and Menstruation: Problem or Paranoia?

One of our main concerns as ladies when it comes to our periods is hygiene. Women can't help but feel a bit uncomfortable during that time of the month – it means extra maintenance, and even a bit of concern about our outfit choices, social calendars, and bed linen.

This concern may escalate to paranoia at times.

But does the blood shed during your period really have an odour? Or is it something to do with you?

Don't worry. It's not so much to do with your hygiene, as it is to do with the menstrual process that is occurring while you go about your day to day activities. The bad smell that you may notice while on the toilet or refreshing yourself is actually due to dying red blood cells that make up your period. There is bacteria involved here, and that can continue to develop during the hours that may pass between your sanitary changes. This smell is intensified by the lack of oxygen and air flow to the area, which is why you might notice that the smell is worse when you use sanitary pads over tampons.

When you start to feel anxious about this, try to remember that the lining of your uterus is shedding, and your body is doing some pretty remarkable things.

A friendly tip for when you start to worry about the smell, is to carry some feminine hygiene wipes with you or even our new Kity Spray, that you can use quickly and discreetly. Regularly changing your sanitary products is also essential to maintain good hygiene, not to mention to avoid more serious health issues.

Using a Menstrual Cup can also assist with the ongoing odour issues throughout the day. The smell is not as potent or as obvious when using a menstrual cup as it is when using a sanitary pad. Of course, the cup still requires thorough sterilisation and cleaning before and after use to ensure it is kept in the best possible condition.


For more information on the Menstrual Cup, see the website and product reviews.

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