Mr Pitts LOVES your Pitts

Mr Pitts LOVES your Pitts

June 02, 2017

For the ladies out there who are searching for NATURAL, CHEMICAL FREE, VEGAN FRIENDLY products, PELVI now stock an all natural deodorant that you will love!

MR PITTS Natural Deodorant Paste is an Australian-made product that absolutely loves your skin, and is just as effective as the standard deodorant choices you might have used in the past. As with any product you use on a regular basis, you will feel like you can trust your regular brand, and the swap might be a little difficult, but it definitely won't be regretted.

You use Antiperspirant deodorants generally for hygiene purposes and because you are concerned about perspiration and odour, but Mr Pitts paste neutralises your underarm odour without blocking your pores like regular deodorants can do. Aluminium compounds that are generally found in Antiperspirant deodorant sprays clog your pores and physically prevents your pitts from sweating. The natural deodorant pastes, like Mr Pitts, are aluminium, alcohol, and paraben free, so it won't clog your pores while it works hard at keeping you fresh and stink-free. Plus it's so satisfying to know that you are using an all-natural, chemical and cruelty-free product, and that your pitts are getting a pampering. The poor little armpit always misses out, especially when you think about how sensitive the area is. Hot wax and razor blades are one thing, but your deodorant doesn't have to be a problem!

Perspiration concerns aside, a little bit of sweat really isn't the worst thing in the world, as it is usually only the bacteria found on the skin that causes the hint of body odour. If you're new to natural deodorants and feeling concerned, it's okay to reapply the product throughout the day, just to ensure you stay dry, comfortable, and confident! This is the most important thing after all.

Another great bonus of the natural deodorant, is that Mr Pitts Natural Deodorant paste is blended with essential oils and is super gentle with your skin. This means no nasty rashes and stinging sensations when you apply the product post-shave. Nothing but Pitt-love found here. You can find Mr Pitts under the PELVI product menu for information, prices and purchases!


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