Menstrual Cups and You: 3 benefits of the cup!

May 31, 2017

Benefits Of A Menstrual Cups

The Menstrual cycle is a natural, yet sometimes annoying, occurrence for women everywhere, and ladies can all agree that a few of the main concerns during this time are comfort and hygiene. More and more ladies are making the conscious choice to adjust their monthly habits to include the menstrual cup.

Menstrual Cups are a safe and affordable alternative to tampons, and are completely reusable after washing and sterilisation. It is a small, silicone period cup that is inserted in the same way a tampon is. PELVI completely understand that there may be some reluctance to make the switch from your standard sanitary products, but we know that there are a few obvious positives that even the most skeptical woman won't deny. 

The affordability:

Let's do a little bit of maths. Right now, a box of regular tampons can cost you as much as $7.50 at a local supermarket. This box contains enough tampons to last one period, and that's excluding the ones that seem to hide themselves in mysterious places in your bathroom. With the assumption that you spend $7.50 per month, your total spending on tampons for one year will be $90. Your menstrual cup is reusable, and therefore more affordable in the long term!

The comfort:

PELVI know that it might be unfamiliar at first, but menstrual cups are comfortable to insert, secure for up to 12 hours, and more convenient when playing sports or swimming. The peace-of-mind that comes from knowing your menstrual cup is safe from leakage is another physical comfort all of its own.

The minimal fuss:

Your menstrual cup needs to be sterilised in boiling water for a few minutes prior to use, and washed with a fragrance free soap afterwards. Storage is simple, and the days of rummaging around for an "emergency" tampon are over, because your menstrual cup is discreet enough to carry with you everywhere. 

For practical, safe, and comfortable feminine hygiene products, PELVI's first choice will always be a menstrual cup.

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