Menstrual Cup Myth Busters

Menstrual Cup Myth Busters

September 22, 2017

What It Will Take For The Menstrual Cup To Go Mainstream

The menstrual cup is slowly gaining traction around the world, but when as many as 98 per cent of women in America say they use a combination of disposable pads and tampons, it says something how close the rest of the globe is. For those who’ve already made the switch to menstrual cups, the eternal question is ‘why aren’t there more of us’? Popular sites such as Buzzfeed and Mamamia have positively covered menstrual cups, so the information is definitely available and people are definitely reading it.

At Pelvi, we want to help everyone make an informed decision about their menstrual products, so we’ve identified a couple of things standing in the way of popular take-up of the menstrual cup. Read on to learn a bit more.

A little bit of myth-busting

Getting people to make the switch will involve addressing the reasons why they think a menstrual cup is inferior to their current system of pads and/or tampons. Often that’s tied up in ideas that menstrual cups are dirty, or painful, or difficult to maintain, all of which are untrue.

Convincing your friends – and society at large – to take up menstrual cups will involve an honest comparison between them and disposable hygiene products. At the personal level, this will mean some difficult conversations with your friends where you explore the reasons why they think pads or tampons aren’t dirty, painful or difficult to maintain. Trust us, in most cases, the answer will be a very successful marketing campaign.

A re-evaluation of our relationship to our bodies

Hand-in-hand with that myth-busting is going to have to come a renegotiation of how we relate to our bodies and our periods. Many people prefer their periods to be as hands off – literally and figuratively – as possible. Just put the pad in your panties in the morning and throw it away in the evening or when it’s full.

For these people to make the switch to menstrual cups, their attitude towards their period will have to change. Often the complaint is around having to insert the menstrual cup, but after a bit of practice this becomes as effortless as inserting a tampon. While it may involve taking a more active role in the disposal of menstrual blood, switching to a cup offers a range of benefits over the alternatives.

Make the jump to menstrual cups today. Speak to the team at Pelvi and have your questions answered by our customer support team.

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