Meet our newest Friend EVA

June 07, 2017

Sexual health is a major component to sustain a healthy individual. It plays an imperative part in the release of endorphins. Which in turn can stimulate higher serotonin and dopamine levels throughout the body. These “happy” chemicals are essential to achieving a stress-free, mindful and relaxed lifestyle.

EVA by DAME is the newest and coolest chick on the block!!! Everyone wants to be her friend!!! She is hands-free, and works in the vulva to produce heightened and scream worthy clitoral stimulation during sex, or without sex. Her flexible wings on either side tuck under the labia. EVA stays completely out of the way while you are engaging in sex, she looks after the climax and stimulation while you can focus on the intimacy between you and your partner.

Woman love the EVA for soo many more reasons than her engineering degree. She arrives in a discreet box, she is quite, she comes with a manual, a bag, USB charging cable, she is small, and she is made from medical grade silicone. And no she does not look a massive male genitalia!!! She is definitely the trendiest of all vibrators out there!

We understand you may not want to step into an Adult store. Be confronted with all of the toys and packaging. So we are trying to offer a more discreet solution for women’s health. At Pelvi we are aiming to cover all aspects of women’s health care, and sexual health is a important one.

EVA is here to embrace the sexual experience for you and your partner, or even just you. Ladies, take our word for it!


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