Manuka Honey and Vitamin C, a boosted match!

Manuka Honey and Vitamin C, a boosted match!

June 24, 2017

Manuka Honey and Vitamin C, a boosted match!

This perfect match is an optimal combination to help support your immunity throughout winter. MEDLAB is an Australian based Nutraceutical company, containing only the highest quality, evidence-based ingredients.

Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) has been around for years, with the most commonly consumed source being oranges. It supports various body functions for optimal health. There are a blend of three ascorbates contained in this formulation, increasing bio-availability, and absorption of the active ingredients. The addition of zinc, creates a synergistic effect to help support white blood cells and anti-microbial activity.

Manuka honey, derived from New Zealand is well known for its immune boosting properties. It has anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal activity. Glutathione, assists with the role of ascorbic acid within the cell, to increase its effects.

This powerful blend containing Vitamin C, Zinc, Manuka Honey and Glutathione will be your best friend this winter! Not to mention it is absolutely delicious! The orange mango flavour is refreshing and great for the children (above 2 years old)

This is an essential to keep your immune functions optimised!



*This product is part of a PRACTITIONER ONLY range. You must attain approval from our PHARMACIST before purchasing. Please call us on 1800 171 651 or email, to see this product is suitable for your health needs.

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